Expat Mortgages

If you are living and working abroad, obtaining a mortgage on a UK property can be a bit more tricky!

Let's Make It Simple

We have plenty of Lenders which look to provide mortgages to Ex Pats … for both residential and buy to let properties.

Each Lender will have its own criteria for ExPats; some Lenders have strict policies and rigid lending criteria, but others are a little more flexible. Of course, all of them will be looking carefully at sustainable affordability and for a clean credit history.
A strong UK credit history helps Clients obtain the best mortgage deals rates!

A good starting point is keeping an active UK bank account or credit card registered at a UK address, for example at your parents’ or siblings’ UK home address. You may also already have a UK mortgage, which can be helpful in some circumstances too.

But don’t forget to check with your Tax Advisors as to whether this has any implications for you personally!

By understanding your personal circumstances, we will be able to guide you through your options.

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