If you are buying a property, you need to know what type of SURVEY to choose.

Know What You Are Buying

When you are buying a property, it is really easy to get carried away by the look and feel of your potential new home and ignore defects such as crumbling brickwork or gurgling pipework! Whilst a survey may seem expensive, spending money on a proper survey could save you thousands of pounds in the long run! And you may be able to re-negotiate the purchase price or re-think the purchase completely!

If you are buying a property, you need to know what type of SURVEY to choose.

A survey will help you make an informed decision on whether or not to buy the property, and it will answer questions such as what is a reasonable price to pay for the property, and whether there are any serious defects with it.

Basic Mortgage Valuation - Cheapest & Sometimes Free

This survey is instructed by and prepared for the sole benefit of your mortgage lender.

It will detail whether the property offers suitable security for your lender.

It will not answer questions concerning your personal interests or give details of the condition of the property (unless it is a major issue).

You have no recourse against the valuer if something is missed.

Homescore Report - A simplified, cost effective solution

A new and innovative product which will help you understand the condition of your prospective purchase … and it is cheaper than a Homebuyer’s Report.

Homescore does not carry a property value (as this will be done by your Lender), but it provides you with an easy to read, jargon free report. It will rate 18 different areas of the property, providing a score of 1-10 on each, along with comments on the reason for the specific rating. This makes it easy to understand and provides you with actionable steps that can be taken to rectify any issues.

Homebuyer’s Report - Mid-price

This is a more detailed survey, and can often be carried out at the same time as the Basic Mortgage Valuation.

It includes an inspection, a report and a valuation and will identify important issues such as:

• The general condition of the property
• Any major faults in accessible parts of the building that may affect the value
• Urgent problems that need inspecting by a specialist e.g. electrician, structural engineer and damp and timber reports.

Building Survey/Full Structural Survey - Most expensive

This is a customised service that gives full details of the property’s condition and construction.

This survey most buyers only use if the property is of unusual build or is run-down, has had significant alterations or you are planning a big conversion or renovation.

Sometimes it can be done at the same time as the Basic Mortgage Valuation and sometimes it is separate.

It will advise on:

• The location
• Major and minor defects and what they could mean
• The possible cost of repairs
• The condition of damp-proofing, insulation and drainage
• Technical information on the construction of the property and the materials used
• Recommendations of any further special inspections

What do I do with the results?

Once you have the report, you will know have a much better idea of the problems associated with the property.

You can use the report to re-negotiate the price with the seller, particularly if you will have to carry out some unexpected or costly work.

If the price is non-negotiable then ask yourself if you can afford to carry the full cost of the repairs or if you should find another property.


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