Life Insurance (Income for your Family)


You will have taken out Life Insurance to cover the mortgage should one of you die. But what about other ongoing costs?

For parents, how would the surviving parent continue to pay the bills and have time to run the family as one parent alone? Family Income Benefit can provide a monthly income for your family, leaving them with one less thing to worry about if one (or both parents) were no longer around – and every parent should have this cover.

Even as a couple without children, you may have a situation where one of you earns considerably more than the other.  Whilst the mortgage will be cleared from the life insurance, the surviving partner may still not have sufficient income to remain in their home – so they risk losing their home, having lost you. In this case, a Family Income Benefit policy can provide a monthly income to pay the running costs of the home and life in general, which will provide peace of mind.

We always recommend that these policies are linked to inflation, to maintain their buying power.

You may be surprised how cost effective these policies can be so CALL US TODAY!

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Reasons why our Clients have a Family Income Benefit Policy

  • Peace of mind
  • Cover household expenses that continue with or without a mortgage
  • Pay for childcare, school fees & further education
  • To reduce the number of hours a surviving parent works (to spend more time with the children)
  • Time to adjust – eg to take a period of time off work
  • Time to retrain