Large Mortgage Loans (£1m - £15m)

Specialists in High Value Mortgage Deals

High Value Mortgages

Even though property prices in expensive areas of the UK are now running into the £millions, most Lenders still impose maximum mortgage limits of £500,000 or £1,000,000.

So, you may find that it is not quite so simple to finance the type of property you wish to own.

At Willowlace we have great working relationships with our Lenders – Lenders which understand the requirements of High Net Worth Clients and are able to risk assess more complex cases.

We have access to Lenders who are in the Large Loan Market, and will consider loans up to £15,000,000.

We take the time to understand your income and asset structure, then present your requirements clearly and succinctly to the lenders. This enables Underwriters assess your situation more easily, meaning that you are more likely to achieve the loan amount you require.

We will also consult your Accountants and Solicitors to make sure that we work with, or indeed enhance, your overall strategy.

Due to the time-consuming nature of larger loans over £750,000, we charge our initial £295 fee on an upfront, non-refundable basis. This is instead of the £295 on application.