Holiday Lets

Specialist mortgages for properties rented out to tourists

Finding the Right Lender

In general, a holiday let mortgage is designed for people looking to borrow money to buy a property that will be let out on a short-term basis to tourists as a business. It differs from a holiday home mortgage, where you borrow money to buy a second home that only you will use.

However, there are lenders which may allow you to use the Holiday Let property for periods of time, whilst still primarily letting out the property, and some lenders will allow you to let out your holiday home for periods of time too!

In this complex area, Willowlace can help you find a lender with the structure which best suits your requirements!

If you are experiencing financial difficulty and struggling to make repayments, then you can contact your lender who may be able to help taking account of your individual circumstances.

You may want to contact one of the free impartial money guidance and debt advice services such as StepChange, Citizens Advice, or Turn2Us.