Self Build or Refurbishment Mortgages

Building your own home is a dream many people have, and we can help you achieve this!

Building your Own Home

In general, these mortgages are released in stages as you complete the work either in advance or, more often, in arrears.

They are often a short-term lending product, on an interest only basis until the property is finished, at which time a longer-term mortgage replaces the Self Build Mortgage.

There are more hoops and hurdles to go through with this type of mortgage, but we can help you every step of the way!

For example :-

  • You will, of course, need Planning Permission.
  • Lenders will want to know if you have experience yourselves, or if the project is going to be run by a builder or an architect for you.
  • They will want careful costings and a provision for unforeseen costs too!  Ideally, lenders like to see fixed price contracts, but this is not always the case.
  • You will need a Building Warranty which will be acceptable to Lenders when you complete the property, otherwise you may be unable to raise a mortgage against the property or could face problems if you wanted to sell it at a later stage.
  • When looking at affordability, Lenders will look at your short-term living arrangements too.
Amazingly supportive and reassuring during our self-build project.
“Willowlace Ltd” came up with a brilliant package that exactly suited our needs.
The Team were outstanding in every step of the process with us. Better than anything on the High Street!
Mrs P

If you are experiencing financial difficulty and struggling to make repayments, then you can contact your lender who may be able to help taking account of your individual circumstances.

You may want to contact one of the free impartial money guidance and debt advice services such as StepChange, Citizens Advice, or Turn2Us.