Why Use a Broker?

(well, more specifically, why use Willowlace Ltd?)

Getting the Right Advice is Essential

If you simply want a mortgage, any old mortgage, without great advice then you can go to any old mortgage advisor or bank – but it could be very much like handing an X-Ray to the Hospital Janitor and expecting him to decide the best course of treatment for a patient!  You need to choose your broker carefully!

Throughout our website, you will see some of the things our Clients say about us!

IF YOU WANT TO FEEL LIKE THIS ABOUT YOUR BROKER, then you should definitely be talking to us!

How We Work?

By using us, you will know that you have had all your options carefully considered … and that may not be a way you originally imagined.

Where required, we will work with your other advisors, eg Solicitors and Accountants to ensure that your overall strategy is delivered.

When you are happy, we then submit and chase your case, ironing out any challenges which may appear – and they often do!

At the point the Mortgage Offer has been released, most Brokers believe that their job is done!

However, at Willowlace we will continue to work on your behalf to ensure your mortgage completes. Our job is done when your goal is achieved!

Willowlace was highly recommended to us by a friend.
We cannot recommend them (and their services) enough to anyone that is looking for an experienced and knowledgeable Brokers.

Through the years we have met & dealt with a few Brokers/Financial Advisers and know when we are dealing with a professional.
In one short phone call Debbie was able to pin point exactly what was the best solution for our situation and during the conversation I can only say that expertise and knowledge poured out of every word that was said.

Another short phone call later and we had a suitable solution that we were happy with, thanks to Debbie’s expertise. Debbie is not only incredibly knowledgeable but she’s also warm, friendly and approachable.

Her team was also super friendly. We will use Willowlace’s services again and again, we also understand now why our friend recommended Debbie so highly and why he has been a loyal customer of hers for so many years.

Thank you so much Debbie for all your help & support with our case.
Mrs R

Taking Care of You

We are also very protective of your Credit Score! We have heard of Estate Agents insisting that a Decision in Principle is done before Clients have even had their offer agreed by the seller! A Decision in Principle involves a credit check, and by performing multiple credit checks, your Credit Score can be damaged, which can reduce your borrowing amount, or even cause you to be declined by a Lender. This is just one example of how we can help you avoid some of the more hidden pitfalls.

As part of our service, we think it is really important that you, your family and your home are suitably and affordably insured … just in case should life throw you something unexpected. You have worked hard to get your home, and we want you to keep it, and we want your family safe too.

Therefore, we do not charge a fee for this, it is just part of our service to you*.

In other words, you, your family and your home are very carefully looked after from start to finish.

*the insurance company will pay us commission

Ongoing Relationships

Many brokers are what we call “transactional brokers”. You tell them what you want, they arrange a mortgage and you never see them again.

That is absolutely not the type of service which we offer to our Clients. We take the time to get to know you and your requirements. We will look at other options which you may not have considered, so that you can make an informed decision on the way forward.

ONGOING REVIEWS – once you are an existing Client, we charge only £125 when your initial mortgage rate comes to an end. This ensures that you are not only still getting the best deal in the market available to you, but that the structure of your mortgage is the most beneficial for you. Our aim it to ensure that you are always getting the best out of your mortgage.

We look forward to helping you with your mortgage requirements now, and to a great long term working relationship with you.

How We Charge Our Fees

When a Client first comes to us, we perform the Fact Find and Initial Research FREE OF CHARGE.

It gives you the chance to get to know us and feel comfortable with our knowledge and expertise.

When you then find a property that you wish to buy, or you are ready to apply for a remortgage, we charge the initial part of our fee which is £295.

Only once we have a Mortgage Offer for you, the balance of our fee of £500 is due (either on completion or 60 days after the Mortgage Offer has been released, whichever is sooner).

Whilst these fees are not refundable, if your purchase were to fall through, we will carry this fee forward for a period of 12 months from the date you paid it.

In exceptional circumstances, we may need to charge you for other work, but we will always discuss this with you.

We also offer preferential rates to our Existing Clients!

We firmly believe in being fair and transparent with our Clients.

The Lender may also pay us for the administrative function we perform for them.

Simply put, you pay us for our expertise and our advice to YOU!